Boomer Sooner Fight Song

College fight songs are typically considered a form of relaxation as well as method to infuse unbridled enthusiasm in a team's fan base. The very first college fight song ever written was by a University of Michigan student named Louis Elbel in the early part of the 20th century. It was intended to be sung at the last moments of the game celebrating the team's victory. These were "cheer songs" also known as "the victor."

The Boomer Sooner Fight Song is the fight song for the University of Oklahoma written by Arthur M. Alden in 1905. It quickly took hold at the university and was destined to become tradition. Although each college or university fight song was intended to be unique, many, including the Boomer Sooner Fight Song "liberally" borrowed from other sources. The tune for the Boomer Sooner Fight Song was "borrowed" from the "Boola Boola," the fight song for Yale University. An addition was added in 1906 that was "stolen" from the University of North Carolina's "I'm a Tar Heel Born."

The OU marching band plays the fight song when the team takes the field and when the team scores or makes a big play. They also play it along with other fight songs while the Oklahoma defense is on the field to encourage the crowd to get loud. The Oklahoma Sooner Fight Song is quickly leaned by all incoming freshman if, in fact, it has not already been memorized when these now OU students were but fans attending high school.

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